How to Put On a Condom

By condomman69

“Can you show me how to put a condom on?” 

So you’re on our site because you’re concerned about safe sex. Good for you! Condoms are the most effective method of preventing HIV, STD’s and pregnancy. 

One thing you should know about condoms is that the vast majority of condom failure is not because of the condom, but rather because the people using the condom didn’t put it on correctly. So please review the steps below.

How to Put On a Condom

1. Open the condom wrapper carefully, keeping in mind condoms can be torn by fingernails and sharp objects such as jewelry, zips and buckles. Only put on condom after there is a partial or full erection and before there is any contact between the penis and your partner’s body.

2. Air trapped inside a condom can cause it to break. Squeeze the tip of the condom with your fingertips to leave some extra space in the tip, and put on condom, rolling the entire condom down to the base of the penis, still pinching the top. Be sure that the roll is on the outside.

3. You’re good to go. Make sure the condom stays in place during sex; if it rolls up, roll it back into place immediately. If the condom comes off, withdraw the penis and put on a new condom.

4. Soon after ejaculation – or when you’re done having sex – withdraw the penis while it is still erect, making sure to hold the condom firmly in place. Remove the condom only once the penis is fully withdrawn.

5. Show off how classy you are by disposing of the used condom hygienically. Wrap the condom in a tissue and place it in the trash. Don’t flush it down the toilet or, if you were lucky enough to have sex in a public place, throw it on the ground. 

Proper Condom Use : Common Mistakes

1. Make sure to completely roll the condom down to the base of the penis. Make sure the roll is on the outside.

2. Make sure there is a small amount of empty space left at the tip of the condom.

3. Never use two condoms at once.

4. Avoid friction, dryness or discomfort by using latex-safe lubricants. Lack of lubrication is a primary cause of condom breakage.

5. If you withdraw before or during ejaculation, make sure to hold the condom at the base during withdrawal to avoid the condom slipping off while pulling out.