Ask Condom Man

By condomman69

Condom Man answers your questions about safe sex and shopping for the best experience.

Rita asked
My friend says he can never wear one because they don’t make them in his ‘size’. He says his penis is too short and too thick…so the large ones fall off during sex, and the small ones just don’t fit over his penis at all. Help! I don’t want him to try using no condom on me using that excuse…he can’t find one that fits him. Thanks

CondomMan says
Hi Rita, thanks for your question! Unfortunately, some guys will use whatever excuse they can come up with to try and get out of using a condom. This creative excuse provided by your friend, however, is not based in reality. A standard condom will fit 99.9% of all men. There are videos on Youtube that you can watch, that show how a condom can actually fit over a human head. Where sizing comes in is just an added benefit to make the condom more comfortable for different sized men. I think your friend is using this excuse because he’s never found a condom that he’s comfortable using. I’d suggest you tell him to try a wide variety of condoms, and possibly use some lube to ease friction during sex. Because sex isn’t truly fun unless it’s done safely. Thanks and take care.

MSW asked
I have a really stupid question… when I open the package (the Durex Extra Sensative with Lubricant), how do I know which side is the right side of the condom?

CondomMan says

HI MSW, that’s not a stupid question at all. In fact, I bet a lot of people have the same question. In the heat of the moment, fumbling around in the dark, it’s hard to know right away which side is the right side to put on. Just remember this – the roll should be on the outside of the condom. You should be able to tell once you start unrolling it whether it’s rolling down the correct way or not. Thanks for the question and keep on rockin’.